Thursday, March 5, 2009

Welcome to the first blog

Well, finally technology takes the deserved place that was waiting for long time!

When we are in the academic rounds, daily discussion regarding our patients' multiple issues arises. The implications for the diagnostic or therapeutic decisions are discussed in order to support the best way possible the rationale or evidence behind our decision-making: trials, guidelines, task-force recommendations, etc., come to life to bring the truth closer to our eyes...

I suggest the reading of certain articles based on the above; generally I e-mail them to my residents, most of the time with comments that highlight the relevant teaching points. I disagree with providing paper copies as it is a waste of paper, money and of course...we need to go green and paperless!!!. In more than one occassion I have found those lonely and sad copies forgotten in a dark corner of the discussion room if not in the trash can, therefore, if they decide not to read the articles, they can delete the email, but not throwing the articles into the trashcan.

Sometimes, I suggest the residents to do a specific topic search and provide articles with good quality evidence, especially randomized controlled trials, or even good reviews.

But what is the challenge....?.....I presume, and perhaps I may be mistaken, that not all the residents will read the suggested articles....or at least will just read just one or a couple of them.
Once the e-mail is sent, there is no way to quantify the impact of this in medical education.

On the other hand, at long term, all the academic activity developed, the collection of articles, and the teaching points can get lost once the email is erased. In order to establish a portfolio that witness the evolution of academic teaching in the Internal Medicine rotation, which will treasure the material used for teaching, this blog comes on purpose.

The resources provided by the blog will always be accessible; people can always go back and read about already discussed topics. Residents can as well discuss about the value of this blog in their education and patient care.

An additional resource is posting mini-blogs with links to abbreviated URL's in Twitter, as you "immortalize" the information, being available for future reference. This can be linked to other resources such as facebook.

Well, welcome and remember.....primum non nocere......

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